Making Green Changes

We often become busy in our daily activities or perhaps we became lazy and continue to operate our work as we always have even though we know better. Our company is a small one by many standards. However every week we make a run to the recycling center to do our part in making a difference. The employees actually enjoy the fact we are all working at going green. We all run to the center with our personal waste so it only made sense to do the same for our business. I actually got the idea while reading about an eco friendly printing company that practiced going green from door to door. That is our goal. We have eliminated waste where ever we have found it. There is still so much we can do I am certain. As we learn more about a better way to operate within the green guidelines we make the change. It has not interrupted our business and yet we feel much better to know we are doing our part.

Her Wedding Departure Is Heart Wrenching

I just received an e-mail from my best friend. She recently was married
and I was blessed to be her matron of honor. We have known each other
since high school and have done so many things together. I truly think our
parents began to think we were going to become permanently joined at the
hip. We never did anything separately and continued to remain close for
seven years. Her engagement thrilled me to the max. I had gotten married
the year before to one of our school mates. He happened to be very close
to the both of us so neither felt as if an outsider was stepping in the
middle of our circle. Her announcement to me of the impending marriage was
naturally expected. I even coached her to move forward with the
engagement. The negative factor is she will be moving across the United
States due to his job. I don’t know how we will survive without each other.
I have secretly cried many nights over the possibility of losing her.

One evening a week before the marriage I stayed with her to help put those
last minute wedding favors together. We reminisced over our lives which
were so intertwined and vowed we wouldn’t lose touch. I hope we can keep
those vows because I feel like half of my heart will go with her when she
leaves my side. I earnestly pray that she will return soon so we can grow
old together and once again reminisce about the past in our wooden rockers
on the porch sipping lemonade.

A Personalized Wedding

There is something so unique and formal at the same time about using personalized items at your wedding. We went to a friends wedding last week. We were met at the door with itineraries for the wedding event we were about to witness. They had the couples initials on the front in gold print. The valets who parked our cars were so kind. They gave us a number that was printed in gold with the couples initials in the background. That way we could easily send for our cars. Everything was designed completely down to the last detail. We were seated and given time to enjoy our surroundings before the music began to signify time to begin. There was personalization everywhere. The candles and the ceremony vases for the sands were all embossed. Then in the reception hall there were chargers with initials in place just waiting on the delicious foods that seemed to fly from behind a wall. They had personalized napkins and table cloths as well as the wine flutes. When we began to dance a light came on from above that glistened the initials of the couple in lights on the hardwood floors. It was truly beautiful. As we were leaving the guest bathrooms held one more surprise which was personalized hand towels. If you have ever wondered if the guests noticed all of your attention to details the answer would be an astounding yes!

Wanting To Use Sand

It is not that complicated! That is what I have told Bruce about the sand ceremony part of our wedding. He is one of those people that has to have everything so precise and uncomplicated. For some reason he does not want to include this enhancement in our wedding. I want it so badly and yet he will not budge. He already has a young son so this would be a perfect way for his son to be a part of the wedding. He was going along with it until I mentioned his son would be able to take part. I do not know why this would be an issue for him after all we will be a family. I wish he would tell me his problem so we could work it our together. Isn’t that what families do? It could not be that he does not want his son to do anything with our wedding because he has made certain that he has helped us with everything he could as a three year old. He wants him to understand the process. I do not know if he is concerned he will do something wrong and become embarrassed or perhaps he thinks he will get shy in front of so many people. I wish he would tell me so I could understand what he is thinking and perhaps there is a resolution instead of cancelling the entire enhancement!

Viewing The Invitations

I think it really hit us for the first time that we were actually getting married as we both stood outside of the post office with our wedding invitations in our hands. We opened the box as if it contained pure gold. We had our arms around each other as we gazed at our invites for the first time. Seeing it all in print made it official for us. Suddenly we had a date set and everything was being put into place to make it happen. As we looked into each others eyes we realized for the first time in our hearts that this was for real and forever! It gave us both chills as we had puddles of tears in our eyes. We did not want to let go of each other at that moment. We had been best friends for so long and then a couple for three years. Now there was nothing stopping us from beginning our forever after! We held the proof of our love in our hands and it moved us both.

Ruby Has Dog Wedding

We were sent an invitation for a dog wedding! A friend of ours loves to take care of her dogs. She has them so spoiled it can go a little too far for our tastes but she loves it so we just know that is how she is. The invitation read there would be a reception and wedding favors given to the guests. It also stated we could bring our pets and to be prepared for pictures. I looked at my ratty huge mutts and thought, “Why not?” The next week I took them to the beauty parlor so they would be able to measure up to the higher society in dog lives! They did smell great. That afternoon we went to the wedding. It was a really nice wedding event. I was shocked at the attention to details for this dog wedding. It turned out to be a great afternoon filled with fun. My dogs behaved and made me so proud. I can now say I have been to a doggie wedding and I enjoyed it!

Pulling Ideas For Favors

I have never been a procrastinator but for some reason I am having so much trouble getting started with my wedding plans. As my grandmother puts it, “It is like pulling eye teeth.” I am trying desperately to get my head in the game. Perhaps it is “spring fever” that has me so sluggish. I certainly hope it is not a subliminal sign that I don’t want to go through with my original decision to take the wedding bliss plunge. My mom is freaking and if I don’t start soon she may begin without me.

She told me that I am against a time clock wall since I have decided to have a June wedding. In the evenings I have seen her with her laptop patiently browsing different websites and pulling ideas for wedding favors and decorations. I love her so much and so far she is trying not to completely ream me out. I even passed their bedroom one evening and I heard mom tell dad that she was concerned about my procrastination. I couldn’t quite hear everything dad was saying but it was on the line of me not being sure about the wedding. I suppose I should put their fears at ease and begin this arduous task.

Loving The Favors

I have been so happy for my best friend and her fiance every since they announced their engagement. They are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. When they told everyone they had bought a farm we were shocked. They were realizing their dreams so quickly and loving every minute of it. She had talked often about having a small hobby farm in the country. She wanted to raise small pigs and have a horse or two. We could just taste the farm fresh eggs as she spoke about her farming plans. Now here I am walking to my car just after their wedding with a basket of the eggs that she was speaking to me about just a couple of months ago. Of course then they were imaginary at that point and now they are my wedding favors. I can not wait to taste them. All of my guests loved them and the way they were packaged. For their favors they also passed out miniature picnic tables just like the ones we sat at with ketchup and mustard dispensers. It was the perfect favors for a perfect wedding. Each time I see those favors I will think of the amazing wedding we attended that gave them as a favor.

Surprise Wedding Reaction

I did not know there was so much gossip going on about our announcement. Perhaps I was just so happy I chose not to notice. My fiance has the nicest family so they were as nice and festive after our wedding announcement as they were before it. After all it was the holidays and that is big in both of our families. We felt it was time to let everyone know we planned on getting married in three weeks from that date. We had only decided that was our plan the day before so it was not like we knew and held the info back on any one. The number three has always been a lucky number for both of us. We were both the third born in our families. We both had finished third in our graduating classes. In our talent competitions in our schools we actually both had finished in third place as well. We know we want to have three children after being married three years. We like to have three year plans and have done that for many years even though we both only met three weeks ago. So much of what we have in common fits in the number three realm. It is just one more fun thing I love about my fiance. We laugh so much and still manage to have those quiet moments that you can simply feel the love between us. I know it will not be like this forever because I am a realists however I also know happiness comes in many different packages and that I know will last us forever. We are both simply happy people who have found each other. While picking out our wedding favors one of the employees working with us on our choices actually said he could tell we had known each other for years because we finished each others sentences. We are a great match.

Mailing Invitations

For some reason when my fiance proposed to me it changed our relationship. I do not know if it is me or him or perhaps a little of both. We know we love each other very much and we are intended to be married. We both want a family and a home in our area where we can retire one day. We agree on all issues and can settle any disagreements easily. With all of that being said we suddenly seem be two different people. We have tried to work through it but we are hitting a wall with each other. I do not recognize this relationship. We seem to be lost within it. I do not know how to fix this. It breaks my heart to see the wedding invitations all made out and sitting on the table by the door all ready. In my heart I do not know if I should mail them. I do not understand what is happening to us. I have noticed that Ben has not picked them up to mail either. I think we are both wanting to see how the other feels by who takes the invites. The invites still sitting there means neither of us seem ready. In my head I think perhaps I should make the first move but my heart leaves them on the table. We are running out of time so we need to make a move one way or another.