Selling Insurance

I have been a health insurance agent since I was a teenager. I began my work in an office with other agents. They taught me the ropes and gave me a thorough schooling on insurance and how it all works. My mom was the head of the office so I was spending time with her as well. She took me under her wing. I definitely had an advantage over other young people that were unsure of their directions in life. I always knew I would follow my moms footsteps. She impressed me with her dedication and professionalism which I wanted to also obtain for myself and my career.

Moving Day To Our New Home

As long as we had waited for this dream home we were more than ready for moving day. We had a home inspection Los Angeles done on this home and found there was nothing for us to do but move in. It was the perfect day to move. It was as if the universe was opening up for our moving experience. Nothing went wrong on moving day. The trucks all arrived on time. We had everything packed and ready to go ahead of schedule. The home we were moving to was twice the size of the home we were living in so we did not have to get rid of anything. Once we arrived with the movers we had a diagram of how we wanted everything placed. All of our things fit perfectly into place. It as if it was bought for this home.

In Charge Of The Bachelor Party

When Kevin came in the office and remarked we were going to “let the good times roll” we were all a little afraid. Kevin is not exactly a sane person! I think every office has one of those crazy people that makes everything fun but you would not ask them to babysit your child! Kevin is our office wild child. When Mark put him in charge of his Boston bachelor party we were shocked. Mark is a reserved guy and has never really shown any connection to Kevin. When we approached Mark about his decision he said that Kevin had begged him to let him handle his party. He finally gave in to more or less make him stop asking. Now we will all pay the price for what this crazy character has in store.

One Last Call For Insurance

It was exciting to hear my wife only had the phone call to our health insurance company left on her
accomplishment list. I knew when I left she had a full day of tasks ahead of her. My job is so much
easier than her job is. I go to the office and she stays home and tends to everything pertaining to
our lives. She homeschools the children and takes care of all home duties with the exception of
repairs. This vacation is more for them than for me. I know they will enjoy the time away. Everyone
needs a break even though they seldom get one. She thinks she is going to continue with the
cooking and cleaning even on our trip. We have bought a camper to make life easier for trips
with a large family. That does not mean this show will go on the road. We are going to all pitch in
to relieve my wife of her duties so she gets a vacation as well.

Cave Diving And My Diet

When Randy asked me to go cave diving with him I was so excited. I have always liked him but I did not know he even knew I existed. There are a group of us that hang out together so not being noticed is an easy thing to have happen. Then out of the blue he asked me. Now I have to get bathing suit ready in a short period of time. I was already on the HCG diet so I feel I will reach my bathing suit body before time to go. I could not be more excited and nervous at the same time. This is going to be a really fun trip and who knows what could happen from here? Perhaps our next date we will do something above the water line!

Surprise Insurance Card

I arrived at my dorm with so much anticipation and excitement. I was going to miss my home and my mom but I knew this was my next step in life. My mom knew it as well. She is so proud of me. I entered my dorm room and met my new room mate. She was really nice and we got along right away. I opened my suitcase to find a little goodie bag my mom had packed. On the top of it was a health insurance card with explanations on what all it covered. My mom is the best mom in the world. She is my best friend and most fierce protector and I love her for that. I smiled when I saw the card but I was not surprised she had done this for me.

Crushing the Crave

Tommy used to have big problems with over-eating. It was his biggest flaw,
and it was a difficult thing to get rid of. Dieting is not always fun to
do, and Tommy was no good at it. Part of the problem was the constant focus
of what not to eat. This brought attention to the foods that tasted good
that he couldn’t eat, and the temptation would build up.

Instead, he found out that if he focused on what he should be eating, he
did a lot better. He looked forward to his food, and it was a lot healthier
for him.

The Exercise Run

Rachel though back on her life before. She had been fairly overweight, and
it hadn’t felt very good. Even in her childhood, other children had teased
her about her weight. It was enough to reduce her self-confidence to
rubble. This teasing happened all through high school, and she had fallen
into a deep depression.

It was one of her friends that saved her life. She had looked past physical
appearances and saw Rachel for what she was: a beautiful girl that needed
some help.

She helped Rachel develop a love for running, and soon, she because to
re-forge her body. Now, she was in great shape, and she owed her friend her

Cambogia Miracles

Tony turned on the news and was immediately greeted by a news story. There
was a middle aged woman reporter on the screen accompanied by a older
gentleman in a white lab coat. She was interviewing this man.

“So, doctor,” she said, “tell us more about pure garcinia cambogia.”

“Like I said before,” he started, “garcinia cambogia is actually based off
of a fruit. It has some fantastic weight loss properties.”

“What are these properties?”

“First of all, it helps people to feel less hungry. If you don’t feel
hungry, you don’t eat as much. You don’t eat as much, you don’t gain as
much weight. In addition, it reduces the fat cell production in the body.”

Liberating the Mind

Closed mindedness is one of the leading causes of failure in a goal. When
we believe so strongly that we don’t have the power to do something, then
we make that a reality. Our mind is the strongest tool we have, but it is
also our greatest adversary. It’s all about learning to control the mind,
and making it work for us rather than against us.

Looking at each situation with an open mind will allow us to see the
solutions that we would not otherwise see. We will be more willing to seek
out answers rather than quit after not seeing something immediately.