this icon was created as a symbol of support and love in response to the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando on 06/20/16. As a form of X to our X, we began sharing the design with friends and business who shared this same feeling. To date, we have distributed over 25,000 stickers with the design globally. The artwork has appeared internationally on posters, streets, shop fronts, restaurants and many other unexpected places. In this moment, spreading love has never felt so important.


the icon

the original design consists of six hearts pulsing endlessly with the colors of the pride flag. the color combination was chosen to encompass all forms of love.



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special thanks

Maya O’Donnell-Shah
Tory Burch and Tory Sport
Stonewall Inn
The Cock
Boiler Room
Metropolitan Bar
Gym Bar
Billy’s Bakery
Bottega Falai
The New Museum
Housing Works
Gelato Gusto
Chelsea Square Diner
Headdress Salon
WTF Coffee Lab
Permi Gill
Hui Kui
Sael Bartolucci
Loreal Monroe
Lauren Dapiaoen
Scott Williams
Joseph Konert
Tony Arcabascio
Steve Capellini
New York City


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