About Spread Love Project

Spread Love Project is a global initiative started in 2016 to serve as an iconic reminder for people everywhere to spread love without restriction, reason or reward. We believe spreading love today is more important than ever, so we’ve made it our mission.

The Spread Love heart was created by New York based artist and designer, Nicholas Konert in 2016 as a symbol for spreading love. Thanks to friends and businesses — it has appeared internationally and continues to pop up in unexpected places around the world.


About Nicholas Konert

Nicholas Konert is an artist, activist and art director by day. He studied Design at Central Saint Martins in London and lives in New York City. Over the years his work has been recognized in the worlds of art, photography, advertising, branding, and design. Most recently, his practice focuses on using design for social change and spreading random acts of kindness.



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Let’s collaborate

We are interested in collaborating with others to spread this symbol of love. If you are a business, individual or organization and would like to partner or reinterpret what this symbol could mean in our socio-political climate, let’s talk.



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