Surprise Insurance Card

I arrived at my dorm with so much anticipation and excitement. I was going to miss my home and my mom but I knew this was my next step in life. My mom knew it as well. She is so proud of me. I entered my dorm room and met my new room mate. She was really nice and we got along right away. I opened my suitcase to find a little goodie bag my mom had packed. On the top of it was a health insurance card with explanations on what all it covered. My mom is the best mom in the world. She is my best friend and most fierce protector and I love her for that. I smiled when I saw the card but I was not surprised she had done this for me.

Crushing the Crave

Tommy used to have big problems with over-eating. It was his biggest flaw,
and it was a difficult thing to get rid of. Dieting is not always fun to
do, and Tommy was no good at it. Part of the problem was the constant focus
of what not to eat. This brought attention to the foods that tasted good
that he couldn’t eat, and the temptation would build up.

Instead, he found out that if he focused on what he should be eating, he
did a lot better. He looked forward to his food, and it was a lot healthier
for him.

The Exercise Run

Rachel though back on her life before. She had been fairly overweight, and
it hadn’t felt very good. Even in her childhood, other children had teased
her about her weight. It was enough to reduce her self-confidence to
rubble. This teasing happened all through high school, and she had fallen
into a deep depression.

It was one of her friends that saved her life. She had looked past physical
appearances and saw Rachel for what she was: a beautiful girl that needed
some help.

She helped Rachel develop a love for running, and soon, she because to
re-forge her body. Now, she was in great shape, and she owed her friend her

Cambogia Miracles

Tony turned on the news and was immediately greeted by a news story. There
was a middle aged woman reporter on the screen accompanied by a older
gentleman in a white lab coat. She was interviewing this man.

“So, doctor,” she said, “tell us more about pure garcinia cambogia.”

“Like I said before,” he started, “garcinia cambogia is actually based off
of a fruit. It has some fantastic weight loss properties.”

“What are these properties?”

“First of all, it helps people to feel less hungry. If you don’t feel
hungry, you don’t eat as much. You don’t eat as much, you don’t gain as
much weight. In addition, it reduces the fat cell production in the body.”

Liberating the Mind

Closed mindedness is one of the leading causes of failure in a goal. When
we believe so strongly that we don’t have the power to do something, then
we make that a reality. Our mind is the strongest tool we have, but it is
also our greatest adversary. It’s all about learning to control the mind,
and making it work for us rather than against us.

Looking at each situation with an open mind will allow us to see the
solutions that we would not otherwise see. We will be more willing to seek
out answers rather than quit after not seeing something immediately.

The Pure Solution

There are many different solutions to weight loss in this world. Some of
them are proven to be more effective than others. The two tried and tested
methods are exercise and diet.

Exercise will burn off the excess fat in our bodies. Diet will stop there
from being excess fat in the first place.

Sometime, however, these two methods can be hard, and will take time to
work regardless. There is an addition method that compliments them very
well. This solution is pure garcinia cambogia.

This will help us to feel less hungry. It will make dieting at lot easier.
In addition, it will reduce the fat cells in the body, helping us to lose
weight that we have.

Keeping Positive Minds

There are many things that happen in this world that we would consider
unfair. Most of the time we label them as such because they are out of our
control, and we don’t like things out of our control. The problem is, we
can’t do anything about them. They will happen regardless of whether we
want them to or not.

The key is to control how we react to these situations. We can choose to
find the good in them, or we can choose to be miserable about them. Staying
positive will help us to maintain our mental health, and is the far better

Garcinia Savior

Being overweight is one of the major causes of health problems in North
America. Many people are overweight, and the numbers are rising every day.
It is a major problem in our society.

There is a new product that can help these people to combat their weight.
Pure garcinia cambogia is just the thing.

When you don’t exercise, your body will store any excess fat cells in the
body for further use. Garcinia cambogia limits the amount of fat cells
produced, and will help people to lose weight because of this.

Obviously, we don’t want to rely on just reducing the production of fat
cells. We need to cut the problem at the root, which is over eating.
Garcinia cambogia makes us feel less hungry, and therefore, we won’t eat as

Useful Rest

Everyone needs their sleep. It is one of the vital functions that we do
every night, and it offers us a great deal of benefit. It’s important that
we get our sleep uninterrupted. Scattered sleep is almost as effective as
not sleeping at all.

When we sleep, we pass through different stages. The stages that really
help our repair and maintenance only occur after several lighter stages. If
we interrupt our sleep during our lighter stages, or the beginning of
heavier stages, then we have to start all over again.

No one wants to start things over again when we can get it right the first
time. By making sure that we don’t get interrupted, we make sure that we
sleep well once.

Deadly Food Portions

“Joe, you really need to start thinking about all the food you’re eating,”
said Chloe. “You’re going to be very unhealthy if you keep it up.”

“I’ve been thinking about that myself,” said Joe. “As you know, I used to
be an athlete. That’s why I’m used to eating so much.”

“But you’re not an athlete anymore,” said Chloe. “Your activity level isn’t
the same as it was. You need to cut down.

Joe shook his head. He knew she was right, but didn’t want to admit it. It
had become such a habit, and habits were hard to break. It would do him
good, however.